What is social media marketing? Why is everyone ‘sharing’ about and ‘liking’ things on social media? Why do you need social media? Social media marketing is about using the various social networks in order to manage your brand and engage with your customers in order to increase your clients. Many people, even companies, think that if you create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or a blog then you are implementing social media marketing. While it certainly helps, it is how you utilize these social media channels that makes it marketing.

Social media is weighed heavily on the first part…social. It is based on customer engagement and conversation. You should engage with your friends and follows and converse about their experiences with your products. This will also help you gain an advantage by understanding what potential customers really want. It is an opportunity to provide outstanding customer service. It is an excellent way to obtain referrals. In addition, it is an organic method of generating links to your site as part of search engine optimization (SEO).

Social media marketing is more than just spamming your brand to everyone you are friends with or to those following you on Twitter. Social media is also not about bashing your competitors or their products. Social media marketing is about understanding your target base in order to build meaningful relationships with them. It is about marketing to them on an intrinsic level that they are comfortable with and on a platform they are familiar with. As a result, your target audience is more likely to do business with you because people are typically attracted to companies that they trust and have a strong sense of loyalty towards. think+intuitive is ready to help you find your voice on the right social media channels. Contact us today and we will help you locate your true ‘friends’.