At think+intuitive, a Nashville, TN and Bowling Green, KY SEO company, we pride ourselves on being able to consistently rank our clients on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing through a process known as search engine optimization. We specialize in positioning our clients’ websites on these search engines utilizing safe and effective white hat techniques that we would do for our own website.

Search engines rank websites by the authority or relevance a website has to the keyword or phrase a customer is searching for. The more relevant these major search engines (such as Google) believe your site is to the keyword or phrase, the higher your placement is on their search engine results. think+intuitive’s SEO Nashville/SEO Bowling Green job is getting search engines to understand your relevance to the keyword or phrase and reward your website by ranking your website higher so more customers can find your company at the top of search results.

Google and other search engines utilize certain criteria and parameters of different weights, known as an algorithm, in order to determine the relevancy of a website. It is not only our job to understand what the algorithms are looking for; but also to ensure your website is optimized for these ranking factors. Depending on the level of competition in your industry, it typically takes 4 to 6 weeks before these changes takes effect and see your website placed high in the search engine results. However, think+intuitive will monitor your rankings for select keywords and make the fine-tuning adjustments necessary to ensure that it continues to improve until you reach the first page.

Be careful of companies who guarantees you a #1 ranking or search engine placement within a specific time frame. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithm formulas. In fact, Google changes their algorithm over 500 times every year. Among other reasons, these algorithm changes also help prevent website owners from “cheating” to get their website ranked higher. Black Hat SEO are search engine optimization tactics, that are illegal or against terms of services, that manipulate loopholes and abuse algorithm factors in order quickly increase search rankings. While these techniques often work in the short-term; the long-term result can include having your website banned from search engine results permanently. At think+intuitive, we only practice white hat SEO Bowling Green/Nashville. We understand the key factors that search engines are looking for; and we are confident how we can apply this knowledge in order to optimize your website to take your company to the top positions!

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